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Behind The Scene Of Dress-Making

Whether you choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements, all our dresses and tuxedos/dress suits are personally tailored for you from scratch. We treat each dress with special care and dedication, therefore the time required to make each type of dress differs. Below you can see each carefully taken step in the creation of your dress!
1 Order Confirmation
Once your order is complete, your order information will be sent to tailors, and the making of your dress now begins!
2 Designing
After reviewing your order, our dress-makers will begin the designing process. Model making is the first true step toward custom tailoring your dress.
3 Materializing
Dress-makers will then spend time to carefully pick out the materials your dress will be made with.
4 Tailoring
Once everything is decided, the dress-makers will start tailoring your dress according to your specified requests.
5 Sewing
Your dress is sewn together by professional tailors.
6 Embroidering
Each dress is carefully sewed according to the type of design. Different types of dresses will have different types of embroidery; the time to finish varies as well.
7 Final Touches
Finally, the dress-makers will finish up with the little touches.
8 Quality Control
The dress-makers will examine the dress to see if it's what you ordered.
9 Back To Us
The finished dress will be shipped back to Eveningdressol, before being shipped out.
10 Last Say will examine the finished dress again before shipping it out, checking with your order to make sure it is just the way you want it!
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Amazing--Wedding ceremony Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is the best kind of hair a bride can have during her wedding because there’s so much you can do with it! Here are some wedding hairstyle
ideas for lucky brides with naturally long tresses.
Braids are no longer considered schoolgirlish or old-fashioned today; in fact, they’re making a big comeback in catwalks. Crown braids create a regal, elegant, and romantic look by making a natural tiara out of your hair. Strands of hair from the front is plaited around your head like a circular French braid, and will require an expert if you want it to look perfect.bridal wedding for long hair

A more softer option would be a cascade braid. Instead of including all of your hair in a braid, the cascade hairstyle only incorporates some of your hair into the crown, leaving the rest of your hair to ripple down your back. Think a medieval princess. This look is perfect for informal weddings or for flower girls.
Both hairstyles can incorporate fresh flowers, jewels, a tiara, or a veil.
Wear it Loose!
If your hair is thick and has great body, you might want to consider showing off your mane and hanging it loose. Brides who choose not to do an updo usually opt against the veil since it distracts from your hair. Your wedding dress style should also be taken into account before you decide to let your hair loose; for instance, the back of your dress and your hair should not be competing for attention.
You can put some small accent braids in front to give your face a little shape. Wear a tiara or a wreath of flowers to add some interest. If you’d like a little more structure to your hair, you can wear it in a loose ponytail tied with an antique or old-fashioned clasp.
Half Up-Dos
Half up-dos are the happy medium between an up-do and loose hair. It's more formal-looking than loose hair and shows off the length while giving room for a unique look. Half-do hairstyles for short hair also look great on long hair, so you don’t have to worry about running out of styles to choose from. Make sure that you test it out first so you can get the end result you want.
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Cocktail Dress colors Law

▲ white with the principles of white with any color match, but with very clever, it would cost a lot of thought. The white stripes under the assembly with a yellow shirt, is the best combination of soft colors; the next dressed in ivory trousers, dressed in lavender suit, accompanied by plain white T-shirt, after all, a successful matching, can be fully demonstrated the self-personality ; ivory white trousers and pale shirt with casual wear, but also a successful combination; white pleated dress with pale pink sweater off, giving a soft elegant feel. Red and white with a bold combination. Dressed in a white casual shirt on, the next wearing a red mini skirt, looked warm and chic. In sharp contrast, the heavier the weight of the white looks more gentle.

▲ blue with the principles of all colors, blue clothing most likely to match with other colors. Whether it is similar to black, blue, or dark blue, are relatively easy to match, and that the effect of the blue with a tight body, very attractive. Vivid blue with red, people seem more feminine, pretty, but it should be noted that the proportion of the appropriate blue and red. Approximate fit black blue jacket, with white shirt, and then tied bow tie, to attend some formal occasions, will make people look while retaining the romantic mystery. Curve distinct blue coat and knee-length skirt with blue, then white shirt, white socks, white shoes, decorations, will be revealing the charm of a light atmosphere. Last seen wearing a blue jacket and blue vest, pants with a gray pinstripe trousers, has witnessed a simple but elegant style. Because the prevalence of fine lines can be a strong contrast between the soft bluestone, adding elegance. A blue jacket with a gray skirt, is a slightly conservative portfolio, but this combination Combined with wine color shirt and flower mesh socks, revealing a self-personality, and thus becomes crisp up. Blue and lavender cover their distribution, giving a subtle feeling. Blue skirt with white shirt is a very common style of dressing up. If put on an elegant little lavender jacket, will be adding to the city smell a bit ripe. On wearing a lavender sweater, pants with a dark blue mini skirt, even without the fancy design, but also showing maturity in the natural flavor among children.

▲ with the principles and a white with brown, giving a pure feeling. Golden-brown knee-length shirt with collar and large Yuanqun may reflect the charm of short skirts, add an elegant atmosphere. Chosen a conservative colored fabrics to do simple but elegant chestnut coat, with a red sweater, red scarf, vivid, pretty incomparable. Brown sweater with brown checked trousers, to reflect the elegance and maturity. Brown sweater with thick brown cotton dress, through the difference in texture between the two, showing a wearer's unique personality.

▲ black with the principles of the black is a joker with 100 colors, no matter what color are placed together, will do not have some style, and beige with no exception! Right now, the weekend shopping, the shirt could be the summer of that piece, or a black t-shirt printing, downloading to put on beige cotton with Lycra knee a character skirt, wearing a white, color-striped feet flat casual shoes, the whole were exceptionally comfortable, but also filled with sunny atmosphere. In fact, do not wear skirts can also be changed into a beige cotton casual trousers, preferably low-waist pants-type micro-speakers, feet or a pair of casual shoes, still avant-garde, youth is compelling.

▲ beige with beige wear clothing with a trace of the principle of strict with the taste of the past is not difficult. A light beige high-necked short-sleeved sweater, accompanied by an exquisite black trousers, wearing shining in glossy black with pointed shoes, a professional women's professional sense of contrast just right. If you want a competent, strong feeling, then choose a refined black striped skirt suit, accompanied by a beige high-end handbags, both in charge of style without losing the elegance of women. Many female friends like to watch Drama, drama Meimei who wear filled with a sense of urban fashion, than the simple story was strikingly similar, and the slow pace of wonderful story a hundred times. See more, how much can be summed up some Korean beauty who dress characteristics: subtle and elegant, bright but not dazzling. In or Roumei or warm colors, beige is a fashion crush their common colors. Today's fashion is now, the cream of its simplicity and rich in intellectual beauty of the evergreen color dress the job market. Compared with white, beige, a little more warmth and elegance, not something exaggerated; compared with the black, beige pure and gentle, but in the dignified. Swore in the pursuit of a simple complex fashion trend, beige with its elegant atmosphere of purity and rigor consistent with the modern workplace atmosphere. Any color you want to wear clothing with the best results, we must pay attention to matching, beige is no exception. Color also represents a different meaning, look at your clothes and your temperament is with the "say what" mean? Red: active, passion, courage, love, health, savage orange: rich, full, future, friendly, generous active Yellow: wisdom, honor, loyalty, hope, joy, light green: fair, nature, peace, happiness, reason, childish blue: self-confidence, eternal, truth, real, silent, cool purple: the authority, respect, and dignity, elegance, faith, loneliness Black: mysterious, lonely, dark, pressure, serious, imposing White: sacred, pure, selfless, simple, safe, honest
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cocktail dresses’history--In the 30s of the 20th century and today cheap cocktail dresses

In the 30s of the 20th century, mini cocktail dresses have not been distinguished from other occasions, that is, whether it is dinner, afternoon tea, or to go to the cocktail parties, it is not apparent from the clothes reflected. Later, cocktail dress gradually mature, usually become elegant and formal dresses, silk, velvet and other fabrics, exquisite workmanship, but the length and wear cheap cocktail dresses not very different during the day, usually in the leg below the knee, exposing the ankle and part of the leg. And long-accessible places, separate dinner dresses. Is generally tight-fitting T-shirt design, part of the chest exposed far less than the evening. Younger people also often a large increase in the coat on the bow, with silk, taffeta, starched made of fine cotton.
in 40s, cocktail parties, under the unwritten rule that entered people's everyday vocabulary, the United States, women carrying a small, often hard new reception package, access to such social occasions and wear formal cocktail dresses.
The late of 50s, canopy tent cocktail dress as a cocktail party, one of the major styles are widely accepted, fit of the suit trimmed with embroidery and beads, and fur decoration was also common practice. Cheap Cocktail dresses indispensable accessory also includes a pair of gloves, a long evening gloves, or a short embroidered gloves.
The mid-60s, under the impact of free thinking, so that the cocktail prom dresses had been languishing for some time, because it felt too contrived. But to the 80's, luxury re-return to service have also seized the opportunity to return to the cocktail party until today, many women still important single wardrobe items.
Now, on the cocktail should be said that their party cocktail dresses is more than just beginning to loose a lot of the time, such as the pants you can wear, leather goods can also be worn, but the basic principle is not changed, and that is: between day cocktail dress and dinner cocktail dress between women sexy and full of romantic, sophisticated style.
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Halloween's coming, so you should choose a beautiful cheap cocktail dresses

Party Cocktail dresses--for Halloween

Party Cocktail dresses Skirt style rich in diverse, but now the most exciting design, is started around a cocktail dress. This popular young girls favorite type of cocktail dress is chic and practical, and breaking the boundaries of day dresses and evening cocktail dresses

Party Cocktail dresses are worn for semi-formal functions and are less formal than a gown
Choosing the right accessories for your cocktail dress will complete your look. Select shoes that complement the length of your dress. If your dress is short, your shoes will serve as a focal point. The same is true of your handbag. You can find a selection of cocktail handbags made of rich fabrics like silk or satin that are decorated with pearls, gold, silver or other classic options. party cocktail dresses
Halloween's coming, so you should choose a beautiful cheap cocktail dresses.
When throwing a Halloween party, be sure to include a variety of food choices for your guests. Of course, Halloween is about scary costumes and spooky decorations, but yummy treats are a big part of the celebration as well. Depending on the type of party you are throwing, appetizers can be the start of a delicious meal or you can throw a party and just serve a variety of appetizers to please your guests. Be as creative as you like with your choices. There are endless possibilities when it comes to appetizers. From simple to complex, the following recipes are sure to be a hit at your Halloween bash.
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