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Online Logo'ed shirt

If you go with a local silkscreener and they do a good job and their prices are equal or lower than that of catalogs or online logo'ed shirt companies you will surely refer them also and they know that as well. You might also think of the service aspect if you work locally, service is a big issue when you need something special, they are more apt to go out of their way. Catalog and Online Logo'ed shirt vendors may have access to larger inventories and styles if you need something special in a hurry, but the shipping costs may also cost you dearly?
If you do attend local events in your community and advertise your company it is advisable to have a few button down shirts with logos as well. If you have a couple of personal shirts you can spare, we recommend that you print logos on them in the same positions as the polo shirts. This is a big advantage of a local silk screener, you can take them nearly any shirt you own and have it logo'ed too. Such nice dress type shirts can be worn at Chamber of Commerce meetings and civic functions. If you're in the grocery store wearing a shirt with the logo, remember to have at least ten business cards with you at all times. People will see the logo and will want a card or two. They will stop you and ask you for one. Have you thought about your choices for shirt and business attire vendors? Think about it.
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T-shirt: A courageous voice of the battlefield

1990. Who the phrase "Do not the rationale for me, annoying go again" a bit helpless, a little bit more decadent self to the statement was first printed on T-shirts, but almost overnight, "tired to make money, hard money "and other statements to express their sentiments appear in the cheaper T-shirt on," Do not the rationale for me, annoying go again "is one of the most popular one. Even at that time to follow the trend of pet dogs.
During the 2008 Olympic Games. Even the Big Brother who sell the vegetables wear rhe "I love China" T-shirt, full high-profile expression of their patriotism.
A small T-shirt, is now also carrying around the world people's emotions, the financial crisis through which the survival of their own desire; Obama run for president, his head was put on the streets ... ... T-shirt culture is indeed pretty, but I live in rural decades, he did not know what T-shirt. In the early 90 century, when the young man wearing a "Do not the rationale for me, annoying go again," the T shirt in the street, he is also working hard at farming in the countryside; over the past two decades, people have been wearing "I + Red + CHINA "slogan clothes to celebrate the Olympic torch relay of the moment, he is still farming in the countryside under the scorching sun. And of itself regardless of rogue, or a political fashion show, perhaps this is the last two decades, China's another reflection of society: people pursue their own happiness, no one who seeks to interfere.
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Design races into the summer with new Motorsport Collection

When they're not styling phones, cologne, toasters, special-edition automobiles and such, Porsche Design keeps itself busy with sportswear for the driver and enthusiast. Previous collections from the company's Driver's Selection have taken all sorts of themes: Martinis, collaborations with polo shirts, even the color white. But this spring the merchandizing division takes to the track with the Motorsport Collection.

The men's lineup includes polo shirt, board shorts, fleeces, t-shirts and more, including a limited-edition Gore-Tex jacket of which only a highly symbolic 911 examples will be made. The Motorsport Collection also includes items for women and children, plus coordinating accessories, all done up in matching white and gray with red trim, complete with sponsor logos in case your own endorsement deal hasn't come in yet. Read all about it in the press release after the jump and check 'em out in the gallery below.
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Fred Perry who wear polo shirt

Frederick John Perry born in Stockport May 18, 1909. Right handed player, Career record 106 wins - 12 losses, 8 Grand Slam titles.World No. 1 player for 5 years, four of them consecutive, 1934 through 1938, the first three years as an amateur.
In 1934, 1935 and 1936 and became an internationally feted tennis star. He also became famous for his range of sportswear which bears the Fred Perry logo and is still worn by young tennis players today.
Wegner's next idea was to produce a sports shirt, which was to be made from white knitted cotton pique with short sleeves and buttons down the front. Launched at Wimbledon in 1952, the Fred Perry polo shirt was an immediate success. The brand is best known for its laurel logo, which appears on the left breast of the tennis shirts. The laurel logo (based on the old Wimbledon symbol) was stitched into the fabric of the mens polo shirts instead of merely ironed on (as was the case with the crocodile logo of the competing Lacoste brand).
The Fred Perry logo was nearly a pipe rather than a laurel wreath.
The polo shirt was only available in white until the late 50s when the mods picked up on it and demanded a more varied colour palette. It was the shirt of choice for diverse groups of teenagers throughout the 1960s and 70s, ranging from the skinheads to the Northern Soul scene.
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