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Mark Italy. Paul Garment (International) Group - Changzhou, Mark. Paul apparel (clothing) Ltd. is a textile fabric garment production enterprises and two large enterprises. wholesale polo shirts Company to build a strong brand men's business casual: Italian brands "Mr.Polo", he is the only sync with the European system of international brand operators.
In Europe and China: the first limited edition men's senior business casual - every city, each issue is only No. 10. Each of the first 10 days all updated every unconventional new brand of Italian men's.
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Polo is ubiquitous

CP: Now the polo shirt is ubiquitous. Every designer, from Maison Gap to Atelier Dior, offers some version of the soft-collared, cotton short-sleeved shirt. It is revered by suburbanites, the elderly, hipsters, preppies, gays, rappers, tennis players, Target store employees, parochial schoolchildren and golfers alike. René Lacoste, what hath you wrought?
RN: It really is true: If you hold onto something long enough, it will eventually come back in style. Is that why you've squirreled away those Day-Glo Zubaz all these years?
CP: Definitely. I'm forecasting a major Zubathon on Milan runways in 2010.
RN: Sure. Cheap polos are certainly versatile. My friend Brad layers them in cool weather, uses them as dress shirts under jackets, stuffs them in his gym bag and probably recycles worn-out ones into pillowcases and potpourris.
CP: Remember the famous scene in "The Great Gatsby," when Gatsby shows Daisy his lavish collection of English dress shirts? She was moved to tears. When I think of your college years, I imagine a similar scene -- but animated by polo shirts. Polos in every color in the sherbet spectrum. Am I right?
RN: I'll never live down my frat-boy period, will I? Yes, between my roommate and me, we came close to owning a polo in every permutation of Ralph Lauren's rainbow, part of an unfortunate pink-and-green phase that I have tried, unsuccessfully, to eradicate from my memory. At least I can say, with all honesty, that I never once flipped the collar up.
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New store for polo shirts

Mens polo shirts store has announced its fourth store opening in 2009.
Beginning Friday, outlet shoppers can browse the men's and women's fashions in Lacoste polo shirts,polo clothing. Identifiable by its classic polo shirt, the brand calls itself "comfortable elegance." The 3,500 square foot store will be located across from the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store.
The new store joins ESCADA Company Store, Direct Tools Factory Outlet and Fashion USA, which also opened outlet locations in 2009.
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