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Choosing the right accessories for your cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses are made of beautiful fabrics like silk, chiffon or satin. When attending a cocktail party, any of these fabrics are appropriate, but when choosing your dress it's important to know a few "don'ts" that apply to cocktail dress etiquette. For example, don't pick a sequined cocktail dress for a cocktail party. While they are popular, they are reserved for more formal parties celebrating things like a wedding or cocktail dresses

Women are no longer limited to a handful of choices when it comes to buying a plus size cocktail dress. Instead, you'll find the latest trends represented in plus size fashions with fabrics that drape your curves to make you look and feel great.
Choosing the right accessories for your cocktail dress will complete your look. Select shoes that complement the length of your dress. If your dress is short, your shoes will serve as a focal point. The same is true of your handbag. You can find a selection of cocktail handbags made of rich fabrics like silk or satin that are decorated with pearls, gold, silver or other classic options.
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