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cocktail dresses’history--In the 30s of the 20th century and today cheap cocktail dresses

In the 30s of the 20th century, mini cocktail dresses have not been distinguished from other occasions, that is, whether it is dinner, afternoon tea, or to go to the cocktail parties, it is not apparent from the clothes reflected. Later, cocktail dress gradually mature, usually become elegant and formal dresses, silk, velvet and other fabrics, exquisite workmanship, but the length and wear cheap cocktail dresses not very different during the day, usually in the leg below the knee, exposing the ankle and part of the leg. And long-accessible places, separate dinner dresses. Is generally tight-fitting T-shirt design, part of the chest exposed far less than the evening. Younger people also often a large increase in the coat on the bow, with silk, taffeta, starched made of fine cotton.
in 40s, cocktail parties, under the unwritten rule that entered people's everyday vocabulary, the United States, women carrying a small, often hard new reception package, access to such social occasions and wear formal cocktail dresses.
The late of 50s, canopy tent cocktail dress as a cocktail party, one of the major styles are widely accepted, fit of the suit trimmed with embroidery and beads, and fur decoration was also common practice. Cheap Cocktail dresses indispensable accessory also includes a pair of gloves, a long evening gloves, or a short embroidered gloves.
The mid-60s, under the impact of free thinking, so that the cocktail prom dresses had been languishing for some time, because it felt too contrived. But to the 80's, luxury re-return to service have also seized the opportunity to return to the cocktail party until today, many women still important single wardrobe items.
Now, on the cocktail should be said that their party cocktail dresses is more than just beginning to loose a lot of the time, such as the pants you can wear, leather goods can also be worn, but the basic principle is not changed, and that is: between day cocktail dress and dinner cocktail dress between women sexy and full of romantic, sophisticated style.
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