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T-shirt: A courageous voice of the battlefield

1990. Who the phrase "Do not the rationale for me, annoying go again" a bit helpless, a little bit more decadent self to the statement was first printed on T-shirts, but almost overnight, "tired to make money, hard money "and other statements to express their sentiments appear in the cheaper T-shirt on," Do not the rationale for me, annoying go again "is one of the most popular one. Even at that time to follow the trend of pet dogs.
During the 2008 Olympic Games. Even the Big Brother who sell the vegetables wear rhe "I love China" T-shirt, full high-profile expression of their patriotism.
A small T-shirt, is now also carrying around the world people's emotions, the financial crisis through which the survival of their own desire; Obama run for president, his head was put on the streets ... ... T-shirt culture is indeed pretty, but I live in rural decades, he did not know what T-shirt. In the early 90 century, when the young man wearing a "Do not the rationale for me, annoying go again," the T shirt in the street, he is also working hard at farming in the countryside; over the past two decades, people have been wearing "I + Red + CHINA "slogan clothes to celebrate the Olympic torch relay of the moment, he is still farming in the countryside under the scorching sun. And of itself regardless of rogue, or a political fashion show, perhaps this is the last two decades, China's another reflection of society: people pursue their own happiness, no one who seeks to interfere.
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