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Classic "Shuang Shun"Cheongsam 60 years

The design of several rooms and bedrooms of the home, a golden light continuously through the windows of the south, sprinkle white researcher Lu's face, the 75-year-old man wearing a Chinese designed short coat and round buttons, against the background in the sun, the light contrast shows the learned and sophisticated charm of the old artists.

Cheongsams popular three hundred years, and there was a high tide period, there have been low, and now it should be a difficult period. Miss the old design of the 110 sets of personal and in their display of cheongsam is to the people through the visual display of cheongsams origin, evolution and innovation. A feast for the eyes not only of those cheongsam, but also to the imagination so that you see people wearing our ancestors, just like the End of Qing Dynasty and into the social landscape of the last century.

Cheongsams as the Qing Dynasty before and after entry Eight women in the feudal era of poverty and backwardness of society, it not only to keep out the cold to warm, but also a symbol of the difference between levels of identity - only the temple of the Empress Dowager,, chattered and personal to wear cheongsam dress it belongs to the temple is first-class privilege, and the palace general, workers can only wear trousers. Non-ordinary people did not hierarchy, but the division of rich and poor and lowly, in the first-class style cheongsam others simple, but very elegant fabrics, such as the shop owner, who wore her gown and coat, men can only wear cloth or Ma's, pants, dress up in the negotiations fall short, more heat to keep out the cold as long as ordinary people on the list.

The 30s of last century, the South River is located in Beijing Hutong porcelain base, there is a section of Shuxiang door, the door to two black, about a pair of, engraved door He left to write "honest Chuanjia long" the right to write, "Following the World Long Poem", the top is "down to" word, Lu's childhood is spent here. Cheongsams childhood memory: the summer of parents wear test yarn and silk coat jacket trousers; wool clip is spring gowns, silk dress winter coat, fox and fox robe. The most fashionable to wear the number two sisters, as a Harvard University student Po-jen, who throughout the year in addition to occasionally wear cheongsam dress suit and cheongsam skin of silk and cotton yarn have the whole, but also very particular about the work,teeth are set, on a variety of fresh flowers buckle, pieces of pieces of syncytial appearance, a long paragraph to as well as the short-style; there is even a sleeve, short-sleeve and sleeveless, jacket has small Hom wool, and it is expected and the so fur. Sister became the idol of her heart, after she had silently make a wish as they like to be a beautiful woman.
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